In a world where elephants face daily killings from poachers, we believe that every elephant should live a long life that is safe and free of poaching. We also believe that surveillance technology used to monitor the movements of poachers and alert the rangers and authorities before an elephant is harmed is critical to their survival. Our aim is to protect, preserve and prosecute those responsible for killing these majestic and sentient beings.


A long time advocate for endangered species and cofounder of The Mays Family Fund. Ramona has worked for decades on behalf of wildlife protection and preservation. Conservation projects she supports include: The Monk Seal Hospital in Hawaii, Marine Mammal Center conservation ban on gill nets in the Gulf of CA, Sea Shepherds’ efforts to protect dolphins in Taiji, Japan, pilot whales in Faroes, and vaquita in the Sea of Cortez.

Born and raised in Tanzania, Tom has been a professional guide for 30 years. He founded Tanzania by Firelight Safaris in 1989, to share, protect and conserve the Tanzanian wilderness. Today his company owns 5 destination locations in Tanzania.

In addition to Tanzania by Firelight, Tom founded, Bathawk Recon Ltd dedicated to elephant protection in Tanzania, and is co-founder of Elephant Survival Organization, an NGO that supports anti-poaching with the use of drone technology.


CHRIS JORDAN, Photographic Arts Ushirikiano series: For the moving photo of the poached Bull Elephant.

SHELLEY ALGER, Photography: from her private collection of Wildlife: For the featured African Elephant panels.